Sharing is caring: Long distance relationships


The gift of love. For the most impassioned lovers, it may a bouquet of roses in Saint Valentines. For others, a romantic dinner under the candlelight or watching a sunset during a long walk on the beach. Many would argue when it comes to showing affection, non-material gestures such as words of encouragement are the most meaningful.

However, love can be expressed in many more ways – including sex. And while there’s nothing like the tender touch of a loved one, sometimes life can get in the way. Ever more demanding jobs often require couples spend some time apart in business trips or conferences. Higher global interconnectedness means we can fall in love with someone out of our close circle. Or maybe on the other side of the world.

Whatever the case may be, and leaving aside our inherent sex drives, there is and undeniable appeal in creating that emotional and physical bond through sexual intimacy. In an era where technology seems to be driving social interactions, could there be a way to replicate the same experiences from the distance?

At Vibio, we believe it’s getting as close as it can get. There is no shortage in the market for products that allow us to stay connected in long distance. We all know how Snapchat and Skype can help us maintain long-distance relationships, but if you have tried that already you are probably in the market for a more tangible approach.

App-controlled vibrators is the answer to your search. They allow partners to control each others’ sex toys in the distance and some already include chat features to text or video call while playing. Have you already tried one? We would love to hear your experience! Share your thoughts and spread the love through our community #vibiostory

Alma RamirezComment